Situated in the bustling heart of Sydney with magical views of Darling Harbour, Manjit’s @ The Wharf is the latest dining sensation. Take a culinary journey to the reimagined Indian cuisine that has been enjoyed by Sydney since 1984 lead by Deep & Manjit Gujral and their team.

Immerse yourself in the scenic surrounds in Manjit’s newest city location with inspiring views and an innovative menu like nothing you have ever experienced. From the gol gol gappa to the mango pistachio kulfi, your idea of Indian cuisine will change forever.


Manjit Gujral is the catalyst for Manjit’s @ The Wharf and the expansion to the King Street Wharf venue. For over 30 years the Manjit’s name has been synonymous with Indian food in Sydney.

Behind the open display kitchen and tandoor ovens is the domain of Varun Gujral. Following in the family tradition spanning more than 100 years, Varun has created a menu designed to bring modern Indian cuisine a boost and reflect the creativity of modern Indian chefs. Inspired by his dynamic team comprising of chefs from all across India, he feels incredibly fortunate to have such a diverse and hardworking team surrounding him and is driven by ensuring all guests have an outstanding dining experience.

Varun has made a number of appearances on television, print and radio as a food consultant and gastronomic extraordinaire

The Gujral family continues the explore new ways to innovate and bring culinary delights to they’re loyal and growing fan base.

(All served together)
$29.90 per person

  • Dilbahar Tikki
  • Chef’s choice of 2 curries (one meat; one vegetable)
  • Naan
  • Rice
  • Optional Dessert $9.90 Per Person


MANJIT’S BANQUET (Made for King & Queen)
$55.90 per person
Min 2 persons

  • Raita + Pappadums
  • Entrées – Banjara Tikka, Fish Amrtisari, Dilbahar Tikki
  • 3 main courses – Butter chicken, Bakra Roganjosh, Baigan Takatak
  • Naan
  • Rice
  • Optional Dessert $9.90 Per Person

(A Royal Treat)
$69.90 per person
Min 2 persons

  • Flavoured Chakra + Pappadums
  • Gol Gol Gappa
  • Entrées – Bharrah Kebab, Banjara Tikka, Amritsari Machhli, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Khumb
  • Main courses – Butter Chicken, Bakra Roganjosh, Jhinga Malabari, Baigan Takatak, Dal
  • Naan
  • Rice
  • Dessert – Mango Pistachio Kulf
Gol Gol Gappa
A contemporary twist on a classic street food delight. Crisp pastry filled with spiced chickpea and potato, served with tamarind and amchur caviar
4pcs 11
Crab Uttapam
Rice and lentil pancakes topped with blue swimmer crab, sprinkled with fresh green chilli, coriander, ginger and crunchy yellow split pea
3pcs 19
Seasoned Hervey Bay scallops seared with fennel oil and served on a bed of lotus root and beetroot power
4pcs 21
Amritsari Machhli
Market fish fillets marinated with garlic, ginger, red chilli, tamarind and coriander; coated in chickpea batter and shallow fried until crisp
4pcs 17
Tilli Prawn
Crystal Bay tiger prawns sautéed in sesame oil, ground aromatic spices, black pepper and finished with sesame seeds
4pcs 21
Dilbahar Tikki
Potato dumplings filled with spices, lentils, beetroot powder and sweet and sour green chilli chutney
3pcs 14
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Khumb
Grilled whole organic mushrooms filled with paneer and cottage cheese, spiced corn and water chestnut
3pcs 17
Banjara Tikka
Tender grain-fed chicken fillet marinated with yogurt and spices, broiled in the tandoor oven. Finished with purée of cauliflower, fresh lemon and coriander
5pcs 16
Mini Tandoori Zucchini
Tandoori roasted zucchini filled with a homemade cheese, chickpea and potato
3pcs 15
Fish Malai
Lightly marinated market fish fillets tenderly roasted and served with the four signature chutneys of Indian cuisine
2pcs 16
Bharrah Kebab
Lamb cutlets marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and red spices
2pcs 17
Crystal Bay tiger prawns marinated in turmeric tandoori spices
3pcs 22
Rawat Ka Paneer Tikka
24 hour marinated cottage cheese smoke-roasted with onion, capsicum and tomato, finished with fresh coriander
3pcs 17
Mixed Entree Platter (for 2 or more)

Bhara Kebab Banjara Tikka
Fish Amritsari Dilbahar Tikki
21 p/p
Kochin Bug Curry
Fresh Balmain bugs classic South Indian style, cooked in three extractions of coconut milk, gently stewed and lightly spiced with cloves and green chillies
Jhinga Malabari
Tiger Prawns lightly sautéed and finished with a creamy coconut reduction spiced with carom seeds, capsicum and fresh lime
Machli Tamaterwalli
Australian market fish with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, garlic, coriander and finished with garam masala
Amritsari Machhli
Market fish fillets marinated with garlic, ginger, red chilli, tamarind and coriander; coated in chickpea batter and shallow fried until crisp
Murg Mumtaz Begam
Popularly known as Butter Chicken. This delicacy is half cooked in the Tandoor and finished in the traditional Indian wok
Murg Tandoori
Free-range chicken smoked with cardamom, clove, ginger and bay leaves; served with mint yogurt
Chicken Madras
A spicy curry dating back to the times of the British Raj originating from the southern Indian city of Madras. Always a favourite!
Chicken Annah Khas
A semi dry style curry with black pepper and fennel blended with Manjit’s signature spices, finished with okra
Dum Ki Biryani
A specialty from the Moghul days. Fragrant basmati rice, pressure cooked in stock with tender chicken thigh fillet, saron, sultanas and nuts
Mums Goat Curry
Traditional home style cooked goat curry, with a gravy of browned onions, ginger, garlic, black cardamom and cassia bark
Lamb Shoulder Anark ali (Signature)
A popular version of “hadi walla” lamb hailing from the North of India from the times of the Mughal Empire. A preparation of pomegranate and molasses in a rich pot gravy
Bakra Roganjosh
Manjit’s famous preparation of tender, boneless lamb with fragrant Kashmiri gravy Goan Beef Vindaloo. A Portuguese-inspired slow cooked beef cheek. The meat is rested in malt vinegar and garlic, cooked with pepper, cinnamon and fresh red chillis. Traditionally served very hot
Beef Korma Zaer Shai
Tender cuts of beef cooked with onions, tomato, garlic and dried chilli, finished with a rich cream and cashew paste
Malai Kofta
Homemade paneer and mix vegetable dumplings served in a rich tomato and cashew nut curry
Paneer Sag
Spicy spinach and homemade spiced cheese
Baingan Takatak
Smoke-roasted baby eggplant mashed with onion, tomato and chilli prepared on the traditional “tawa” hotplate
Cauliflower pan cooked with coriander seeds, served on potato espuma and toasted cumin
Kaju Ki Sabzi (Signature)
A preparation of cashew nuts sautéed with mixed spices, served with caramelized onion
Bombay Aloo Methi
Whole baby potatoes with fenugreek toasted cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves
Dal of the day
Lentils blended with clarified butter, green coriander, served with shredded ginger
Plain Basmati rice
Kashmiri Pulao
Fluffy safron rice with Kashmiri nuts & fruits
Naan 4.5
Garlic Naan 5
Paneer Kulcha
Filled with cheese and spices
Lachadar Paratha (Wholemeal)
Layered wholemeal bread with clarified butter and spices
Keema Naan
Filled with spiced lamb mince
Kashmiri Naan
Filled with dried fruits and nuts
Naan Makhani
Layered bread filled with clarified butter and lightly garnished
Vegetable Paratha (Wholemeal)
Wholemeal bread filled with a mixture of seasonal vegetables and spices
The Manjits Signature Naan
Naan stued with mushroom, paneer and spices
Mango Pistachio Kulfi
India’s favourite ice cream! A tall spire starting with a sweet mango cream on top, with an earthy pistachio on the bottom
Kaala Jamun
The classic Indian doughnut, soaked in a sweet syrup spiced with cardamom and served warm with rose ice cream
Deconstructed Shahi Tookra
A modern twist on a royal Mughal bread pudding, with crunchy bread topped with a creamy saffron milk reduction, and dusted with nuts
Chai Creme Brulee
A soft, creamy creme brulee with a delicate hint of spicy chai finished with a caramelized crunch of toffee
Our signature dessert of milk dumplings, soaked in a saffron & cardamom milk reduction served with ground pistachio
Apple Jalebi
Crispy green apple fritters coated in a fragrant saffron and rose flavoured syrup
The Dessert Samosa
We’ve saved our favourite until last! A sweet version of this classic Indian street food that will delight your tastebud


Rose Water Martini
Infused vodka with a splash of cranberry juice
Sharabi Lassi
Passionfruit, and mango lassi with Malibu and mango liqueur
Indian Summer
Fresh strawberries blended with lychee, vodka and lime
Indian blended whisky, bitters and sweet Vermouth finished with maraschino cherry
India Libre
Indian Old Monk Rum with Thumbs Up and fresh lime
Vodka, rum, tequila, gin & blue curacao topped with lemon soda
British Raj
Double Hendrick’s Gin with Vermouth, cucumber and tonic
Manjits Mojito
Cachaça with mint, passionfruit and chilli
Dirty Water Margarita
Tamarind, lime, tequila and a hint of chilli
Fresh lime muddled with jaggery sugar, shaken with vodka

Functions @ Manjit’s


Life brings us thousands of occasions worth celebrating. Whether it is a birthday, engagement, wedding or reception, the first step to creating the perfect event is choosing the perfect backdrop – the venue!

Once you’ve decided to celebrate in top style, with the best food, service, decorations and location, visit us. Be our guest as we turn your celebration into the talk of the town!

With 30 years’ experience in the business of creating magic, we take your celebration from A to Z with style, elegance and zero stress – allowing you to sit back and take it all in as your special day unfolds.

Manjit’s @ The Wharf combines breathtaking surroundings, wonderful food and service, a central location and a large and flexible capacity hosted in a modern facility to provide you with the perfect choice of venue for your next function.

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Spoil someone special to you with the ultimate Sydney dining experience. A Manjit’s @ The Wharf voucher is the ideal gift for your colleagues, friends and family. Manjit’s @ The Wharf is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. We offer gift certificates for the people in your life who deserve to be treated to an experience like no other.

Give us a call on 1300 626 548 to arrange your VIP Gift Certificate.

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