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We get to meet your family. Welcome to ours!

Manjits Hospitality offers a fresh, contemporary and unique dining experience. Our goal has always been to deliver fragrant delicacies, subtle flavours and exotic aromas. From the spicy flavours of Southern India, to the royal banquets of the north, we’ve endeavoured to deliver a journey of the senses, that not only provides a touch of home, but also fuses with western flavours and styles.

For over 100 years, the Gujral name has been synonymous with fine food and celebration. From our restaurants, to our bespoke event management services, we understand the importance of nailing the typical, delivering on the creative. paying attention to the details and serving with passion. We offer a restaurant quality experience in your special event setting.

In 1984; Manjits was the first Indian restaurant that Australia had ever seen. Back then, we weren’t afraid to offer something that was entirely unmatched on the market. Today we’re doing the same thing. Enjoy a culinary experience that continues to deliver on a promise made over thirty years ago: to introduce an exquisite new taste and surprise our guests with something delicate, artisanal, evolved and personal.


The Founder

The man behind the name- with over 35 years’ experience in the industry. Manjit Gujral is the powerhouse of the organisation.


The Promoter

The head of our marketing and compliance, that helps people like you find us and allow you to have the most memorable event ever!


The Organiser

Event director, and general manager of the Manjits Group. Your first point of contact for a flawlessly executed event.


The Chef

Varun is the Chef de Cuisine. Looking after the restaurant division of the Manjits group. Varun is the mastermind behind our menus that will tantalise your tastebuds

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