Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very special occasion for both you and your families and the Concord Function Centre can help you plan a memorable event that people will talk about for years to come!

The Concord Function Centre prides itself on its wedding services and can be with you every step while planning your union. We can host your nuptials or your reception, or even both! We can assist you on booking extras and advise you on your menu choices. We have the sensitivity and understanding of the cultural aspects of your wedding. From mehndi to mandup, henna, hair and makeup, the Concord Function Centre offers a range of different cultural options and room décor for your special day. We can tailor your menu to your cultural requirements, or tailor dishes especially for particular guests.

Concord Function Centre has a very elegant interior which helps your event shine. We have recessed lighting, moulded ceilings, mandups, fine drapery, two dance floors and a stage area perfect for all your wedding needs. We have a bridal room at the front of the venue which is perfect for weddings, or can be used at receptions for the bridal party to change into secondary wedding outfits. We have a fully staffed kitchen and a bar area in which we can serve warm beverages (tea and coffee), cold refreshments (juice, water, soft drinks or mocktails), and alcoholic drinks (such as wine, beer, cocktails, or spirits).

At Manjit’s Concord Function Centre Sydney, we truly understand Indian and sub-continental weddings and we provide catering, venue and planning services, and have many contacts in the wedding industry to assist you with any extras you may be interested in.

Contact us on 02 9736 3366 to discuss your needs so we can turn your vision into a reality!

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