Fragrant delicacies, subtle flavours and exotic aromas. Over 30 years ago we shocked Australia with a new taste. Today we continue to do that.


Manjits Hospitality does not just create bespoke events; we design unparalleled experiences that are never forgotten.


For over 100 years, our family name has been synonymous with fine food and celebration. We nail the typical and deliver on the creative.


Enjoy a restaurant experience in your special event setting. We provide a delicate, artisanal, evolved and personal experience for your guests.

since 1984

australia’s oldest indian hospitality establishment

With age, comes experience; and we are very experienced! Manjit’s was Australia’s first Indian Restaurant. Opening in Balmain in 1984, we’re proud to have introduced Indian cuisine to one of the world’s most multicultural countries.

We knew what we were doing back then, and we know what we’re doing now. We were the original, now come by and discover why we’re the best.

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